The Stage Door announces auditions for their Halloween production(s)

                  The Stage Door announces auditions for their Halloween production(s)

September 9 & 10 at 7:00-9:00 pm

The Stage Door is excited to announce auditions for the spooky comedy, “Halloween Screams,” by L. Don Swartz.

When a theatre group in Chestnut Hollow agrees to transform the community center’s basement into a Halloween spook house, little do they know that the basement is already haunted!  Phantom laughter, flying skulls, ghostly photographs, and other-worldly voices are just some of the clues that help the troupers unearth the secret that has been buried in the basement for over 200 years.

The cast consists of 6 males:  3 are in their late teens or early 20’s, 2 are early teens, and 1 male is 30-40ish.

There are 4 female roles:  2 are late teens or early 20’s, 1 is a mature woman (40-60ish), and 1 is a young pre-teen.

There is also a role that can be cast as either male or female, 30-40ish.

Multiple opportunities abound for extras, pre-teens and teens, to set up and run the haunted house onstage and to portray patrons of the haunted house.

The Stage Door is proud to be giving a talented actor his first chance at directing.  Nathen Barber, who garnered recognition for his pathological portrayal of Clifford Anderson in last season’s “Deathtrap,” actually won the season’s “Best Actor” award for his comical portrayal of ‘Clue’ in “Clue the Musical.”  Under the tutelage of Denise Harris, Nathen will be adding to his theatrical resume.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Those auditioning need to come armed with a headshot (one can be taken at the theater for a $1.00 printing fee), acting resume, and a list of schedule conflicts from September 16through October 24.  Performance dates are October 25, 26, 27, and November 1, 2, 3.  The October 27th and November 3rd shows are afternoon matinees.

Please direct any questions to the director at 405/206-6239 or

In conjunction with this show, The Stage Door is hosting a real haunted house in the basement of the YMAC building, 601 Oak Avenue.  There has been rumors floating around for years that this historic old building is haunted, so why not buy into that full throttle?!?!

Many, MANY volunteers will be needed to build/set up the different scenarios, do make-up, act in the haunted house, work as ticket takers, sell concessions, work as security, etc.  Because this will be a serious haunted house and there will be some late hours, The Stage Door is asking for no one under the age of 16 to volunteer.  If interested, please contact the theater at for more information and more concrete time requirements.


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